Losing someone or something you love is one of the defining human experiences. Loss is universal and inevitable; we’ll all experience it in some way at some time. That doesn’t help much if you are grieving, but it does mean that we understand what helps. Though you may not agree right now, especially if your heart is still aching, it is also a growth experience; we come out the other end stronger and a little wiser.

If you are suffering in that way this episode will guide you through some useful and practical ideas to help ease the pain.

You can find an edited text version of this episode here. In the episode I also talk about Seven Ways to Change Your Thinking.

#heartbreak #heartbroken #sad #breakup #healing #lostlove #bereavement #loss

Backing Track: Adventure, Chad Crouch, soundofpicture.com, licence CC BY-NC 4.0

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