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Tuesday Mar 21, 2023

Conventional wisdom is generally accepted, but it may or may not be the best advice to follow if you want to lead a fulfilling and unconventional life. 
Because conventional wisdom usually goes unquestioned, it can create problems when incorrect ideas gain wide acceptance. This can make exploring new ideas much more difficult. In cases such as this, incorrect conventional wisdom can interfere with a person's health and the type of medical care they receive.
In this episode, I offer some powerful alternatives for opening up possibilities and stimulating creativity.
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The book I mentioned is The Art of the Focused Conversation.

Thursday Mar 16, 2023

Eric was drawn into counselling after a slow process of realisation that, unless he did, he would lose someone who was extremely precious to him.
When we mentioned accountancy in this enlightening discussion, it was to draw parallels between learning, self-discovery, ambition, and success. What we discovered though, is the remarkable power of conversation to go where it needs to so that we can discover more about ourselves.
Creativity is only part of it, this is a testimony to how being brave enough to face who we really are can lead us to being unexpectedly content and, as you'll hear, genuinely happy.
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Monday Jan 30, 2023

Leaving a a well paid job to follow your dream is always a risk, but that's what Mohammed Kasujee did. He shares his inspiring story and offers guidance to others who may be holding themselves back.
Do you feel that life has more to offer you than your current situation allows? Or, maybe you are almost ready to take a leap of faith and do your own thing? What about friends and family, would they encourage you to break out and start an entirely new career?  
Mohammed Kasujee faced all these questions. He discusses his inspiring account of his transition, and the deep sense of purpose that he learned to recognise and trust on his journey to greater fulfilment and happiness.
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Monday Nov 21, 2022

Surveys continue to show that employers are looking for qualities in their employees that will add value to the organisation. 
Interviews are rarely pitched to draw out technical skills or knowledge, which are taken as read and supported by experience and qualifications. 
Sure, they want proof that your skills are up to date, but, many questions are aimed at establishing more abstract and hard-to-prove qualities like motivation, creativity, communication skills, and attitudes towards working with colleagues. 
Adele Leah calls these 'human skills' and explains why you should focus on the one piece of the career equation you can control – yourself. "It starts with conscious awareness", she says "Personal development allows you to take a step back, take stock, and make better choices about your career, rather than striving for a vision of success that isn't going to make you happy."
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Tuesday Nov 08, 2022

The World Health Organisation says that there is an 'epidemic of Sleeplessness', but this is unhelpful, says Dr Neil Stanley. In our conversations this straight talking expert points out the if you are someone whose sleep could be improved, then "the solution is in your hands".
In his refreshingly direct style, Dr Stanley demystifies sleeplessness and talks about the contributing factors that tend to raise our anxiety levels when we find we can't sleep.
Though the statistics on insomnia make alarming reading, the good news is that he defines the three essentials for good sleep, and says, though you may not realise it, that the answer to the problem "is in your hands".
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WHO Sleep Report: Sleep Problems: An Emerging Global Epidemic?

Saturday Oct 29, 2022

I regularly get questions like "How do I find my purpose?". I'm basing this episode on some of the replies I've sent out. 
Finding your purpose means discerning a point at which your strengths, talents, interests (or beliefs) come together, to indicate a direction and/or course of action in your life. And that just the start.
Personally, I'm not sure that it's a good use of one's time to be asking such a question. After all, philosophers and others have been asking this question for millennia. Maybe its one of those questions where the value is in the asking, not in any answer you might stumble across.
Still, I do have sympathy for those seeking to find their purpose, and I have something useful to say about it (I think). In this episode I provide two key questions to ask yourself to help you on your journey, and much more besides.
There's plenty to get you thinking, so if you are on a quest to find your purpose, drop in and join me!
#findmypurpose #purpose #inspiration #motivation
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Friday Oct 28, 2022

For years I struggled to create my online persona. Influenced by what I was seeing and hearing online – there are many slick, smiley, positive and upbeat presenters out there – I struggled to make the transition from live presenting to a live audience, to presenting myself in the virtual world. I thought I'd have to be like the great presenters I was seeing, but it doesn't come naturally to me to be so upbeat. 
I can't be something I am not, and as I discovered while recording this episode, it's about being authentic. I needed to find my natural persona. Unfortunately, I have a craggy face, and a downbeat voice that tends towards a monotone. On the plus side, I'm an optimist, I love what I do, and I have loads to share.
I've learned a lot about how to present myself online, and this episode explains something of that journey, and why you will never hear me sounding relentlessly upbeat.
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Saturday Oct 15, 2022

Mental wellbeing doesn't come about by accident, and the world we have created can easily threaten the balance we rely on to stay mentally resilient and healthy. 
What we think of as mental wellbeing is different for each of us. But people with positive mental health generally do a number of things that give them a sense of wellbeing and protect their psychological and emotional health.
If you seriously want to protect your mental health, the first positive step is to move it up your agenda. In this episode, I talk about seven factors that contribute to mental wellbeing that you can use to help you look after yourself and bolster your mental wellbeing.
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Emile Esfahani Smith on having meaning in life: There's More to Life than Happiness
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Monday Sep 12, 2022

As today's guest, Rick Gough, says, at work it's great to be able to say "Yes". You'll be seen in a positive light for your willingness and 'can-do attitude, and possibly even improve your career prospects. And it's nice to please others. But, as Rick says, it comes at a cost. There's a time to say "No"; it can be empowering, and "good for everybody".In this episode we discuss the whys and wherefores of politely refusing rather than just agreeing.It's not that simple, of course, and it can be quite challenging. Depending on who's asking, it can  be scary, so we cover that too. But in the long run (Rick has 27 years' experience as an employee, mentor and manager), it pays to be honest if you feel overworked, under-skilled, or for whatever reason, would rather not take on that extra task.
#sayingno #quietquitting #workburnout #barrywinbolt
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Monday Aug 29, 2022

Have you ever blames a communication breakdown with the explanation the someone "wasn't listening"? Most of us have, at some time. 
Like it or not, at work and elsewhere you'll be judged on your communicaton skills. Thery influence not only how others perceive you, but also how much they like, respect, and trust you.
In order to communicate effectively you have to 'own' your message, and if that's so, the hard truth is that we can't blame the other person when we fail to get through to them!
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