As today's guest, Rick Gough, says, at work it's great to be able to say "Yes". You'll be seen in a positive light for your willingness and 'can-do at...View Details

Have you ever blames a communication breakdown with the explanation the someone "wasn't listening"? Most of us have, at some time. 

Like it or not...View Details

We are all used to the idea of stress; it is now a recognised fact of life in many jobs. But burnout is different, and more serious. Burnout is a reac...View Details

We live in a wealthy technological age where we have all we need at our disposal. One of the costs of this is a steadily rising tide of demands and pr...View Details

ARISE – Start your day on a positive note then supercharge your day with this soothing, guided mindfulness exercise.  Over the years, I have built up ...View Details

What are the pros and cons of working from home? As we have moved on from the enforced home working due to the Pandemic, more of us now have the freed...View Details

Freelancer, solopreneur, or simply working from home? Working for yourself is great if you are cut out for it, and even if you're not you can still ma...View Details

In this episode, I'm sharing some ideas on what can loosely be called, Alternative Career Guidance. There's plenty of conventional career advice out t...View Details

Anyone can argue. There's no talent in fighting and there's no glory in 'winning' an argument, though you wouldn't know it from the evidence we see ar...View Details

Losing someone or something you love is one of the defining human experiences. Loss is universal and inevitable; we’ll all experience it in some way a...View Details

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