What are the pros and cons of working from home? As we have moved on from the enforced home working due to the Pandemic, more of us now have the freedom to choose to work in or away from the office. 

In the old days many organisations resisted the idea of home working. That obstacle has now largely disappeared, and so has (mostly) the stigma that if you worked from home you were not quite as serious about your job as your office-based peers.

Rick has now chosen to be entirely home-based. He is a reflective guy, and lately he has been keeping notes on his experiences, both for an against. His insightful comments lead us into a fascinating conversation.

See what you think, and let us know. Whether you work from home or not, let us know your thoughts. The workplace has shifted, but have attitudes moved as well? Please share. You can email us at info@barrywinbolt.com.

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